Making IoT Iconic: Levi’s as a second skin

As a heritage brand, Levi’s take pride in their legacy repeatedly striving for ‘authenticity’ and an ‘anti-corporate’ approach through their imagery and shared narratives. Their archive contains an iconic leather jacket that Einstein bought whilst in the process of becoming an American citizen. Their website states that ‘our community is at the centre of everything we do’… Continue reading Making IoT Iconic: Levi’s as a second skin

Responsibility and the Thingiverse

Relationships between doctors and patients are changing due to information available on the internet. Individuals research their symptoms online and visit their doctors equipped with hunches and printouts. This behaviour has been met with mixed responses from the medical community; some doctors feel that their authority is being challenged and others are happy to see… Continue reading Responsibility and the Thingiverse

Streets and Social Infrastructure in Brasilia

A city without street corners and limited sidewalks can be difficult to conceptualize and poses several questions, such as: how have views of infrastructure played a role in creating such a city and how is the city’s social infrastructure affected? Sections of Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, adopted a modernist infrastructural design of high speed avenues, roundabouts,… Continue reading Streets and Social Infrastructure in Brasilia