Infrastructure, Wind and Fire

Early in the morning of 9th January 2017, the inhabitants of San Cristobal (a marginalized neighborhood in Bogotá) found out that their new self-constructed library/cultural centre was (almost) burnt to ashes. La Casa del Viento [The Wind’s House] was one of the many projects that Arquitectura Expandida (AX), a collective of young architects, was developing… Continue reading Infrastructure, Wind and Fire

Responsibility and the Thingiverse

Relationships between doctors and patients are changing due to information available on the internet. Individuals research their symptoms online and visit their doctors equipped with hunches and printouts. This behaviour has been met with mixed responses from the medical community; some doctors feel that their authority is being challenged and others are happy to see… Continue reading Responsibility and the Thingiverse

WikiHouse: Political and Economic Implications of Open-Source Projects

The ideas behind open source software has transformed into a fully-fledged social movement. Nafeez Ahmed of The Guardian describes how the open source movement is a criticism and movement against capitalism and how it “offers us the chance to build on what we’ve learned through industrialization, to learn from our mistakes, and catalyze the re-opening… Continue reading WikiHouse: Political and Economic Implications of Open-Source Projects